Once I do get a DS and pokemon I’m gonna get an GROWLITHE and raise it into an ARCANINE and then challenge videogamesguysandfood to a battle and KICK HIS ASS.

Glad I’m deciding to hold off on buying a DS until the end of the school year. Hopefully by then, the new system will be coming out or already out in the US.

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ah yes i have finally found it


the g spot

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Energia infinita :O


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The Misty Mermaid

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"…when I realised she was the biggest part of my life, the person in the whole world that I trust the most, care for the most, love the most and would do anything just to make sure she was happy I realised that I love her, that I’d never loved another person like I love her and that she’s The One." - Rosie Spaughton

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